Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs) about goginet, our exciting hands-on training, Scriptcase, and all sorts of interesting subjects:

How do the FAQs work?

We try to respond to all question and comments we receive as quickly as possible, but visitors often ask the same types of general questions. Click on the + to expand each question below to show the answer.

How can I pay for the courses?

goginet LLC normally accepts online payments for the training courses.  Our PayPal system accepts all major credit cards, as well as PayPal payments.

If you are with a government agency or academic organization that uses invoices, please contact us directly to discuss other payment options.

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How long does it take to take one of your courses?


That is a good question, which depends on several factors.  Each of the courses consists of lessons, and each lesson is a semi-independent training experience.  We list an estimated time of completion, based on testing with typical users.

Since the courses are self-directed, you can decide your own pace.

Where do I go to purchase Scriptcase?

goginet LLC has used Scriptcase for many years, since version 5.  We are so impressed with the continued development of Scriptcase in version 8 and beyond, that we have become an official reseller in the United States.  We have the latest Scriptcase software ready for immediate purchase and download, so you can get started right away.  Find out more

How do I ask a new question?

If the FAQs do not have the question and answer you needed, please feel free to use our contact form to ask us anything.

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