Sustainability + Give-Back

IMG_20140325_155429628_HDRgoginet LLC as a company is pledged to, whenever possible, empower people with information and technology tools that improve sustainability. Of particular concern is the problem of climate change and its effects on society, education, business, government, and the well being of humans and the rest of the environment. To that end, goginet has used Scriptcase and other systems over the years on projects that not only benefit companies, nonprofits, and governments with web-based functionality and profitable and efficient operations, but that also often do good things for people.

We see the Scriptcase training thru this lens as well, and goginet will provide a portion of its revenue from the training operations towards sustainability projects and other socially positive efforts. As such, some scholarships will be given out as awards to individuals or organizations that meet certain criteria that will be established. Also, goginet uses part of its profits towards solar energy, and donating toward conservation and others issues.

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